Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Net Worth Update - May 2016 (+13%)

          CIBC Chequing           $847.73
          CIBC Savings                    7.17
          Tangerine Saving          9084.00
          Tangerine TFSA                 0.63
          Tangerine Growth          2128.54
          CIBC IE                       3085.19
          CIBC RRSP                 4070.53

     Credit Cards
          CIBC Dividend             $48.00
          CIBC Classic                    0.00

Net Worth                         $19175.79



  • Large amount of cash was transferred to Tangerine Savings due to the promotional 3% interest rate offered on new deposits.
  • Require sufficient cash reserve to cover tuition fees come fall.


  • Tangerine mutual funds were purchased a few years ago, intending upon selling in order to put the money to better use in my self-directed portfolio
  • Investors Edge porfolio mainly consists of blue chip Canadian equities.
  • RRSP is held with CIBC in a savings account, which is not the best of ideas. Looking to transfer it to a brokerage in the near future.

Credit Cards

  • No actual debt, use card for regular bill expenses and pay in full at end of month.

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